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What to Wear and Bring

For introductory canoe or kayak courses, and demo sessions please bring the following:
(For more advanced courses, info will be given out at time of booking)

In warm weather:
Basic sports wear e.g. shorts and t shirt. It’s sensible to bring a spare fleece top just in case it gets colder than expected. On hot days don’t forget sun screen, and a sun hat is a good idea.


If it’s cold/rainy: A fleece top and tracksuit type trousers (jeans and hoodies are unsuitable, as they hold a lot of water). A warm hat is a good idea for cold days. Waterproofs are useful if you have them.


You must wear footwear: Old trainers, sandals, or beach shoes. They must stay on in the water, so flip-flops and crocs are unsuitable.


A towel and a complete change of clothing (and shoes) are required for everyone!
Also it’s handy to bring a carrier bag or two, to put wet clothes/shoes into after the session


Wetsuits are not essential for introductory courses, but if you have one, they can be useful, especially when it’s slightly chilly, and for SUP courses.


We provide buoyancy aids (compulsory), waterproof tops if needed, and all necessary paddling equipment. Showers and changing facilities are available and there is a take away snack bar.


Wetsuit hire


We do have some children’s shorty and adults’ full length wetsuits available for hire, on a first come, first served basis. These are £5 per session, £10 for a day, or £10 for the duration of a course.




On the children’s courses we often stop for a short break mid-session, so it is worth bringing a snack and drink.


If your course lasts all day, then it is sensible to bring an extra change of clothes, just in case you get wet during the morning session.  A packed lunch and drink is also required, or there are cafes and shops within easy walking distance.


If you wear glasses or sun-glasses, we suggest you secure them. Neoprene spec-bands are available to buy at the centre if required.


If you have any questions please get in touch!