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Finding the right spraydeck for your kayak:

Every model of kayak has a slightly different cockpit size and shape, and even within a single manufacturer’s range there will be significant differences in cockpit size and shape. For this reason it is always best to try a spraydeck on your kayak’s cockpit before purchasing. A spraydeck that fits well should be easy enough to put on by yourself, and stay on the cockpit as long as you need it to. Everybody will have slightly different needs and priorities.

Top Tips to remember when fitting a Spraydeck:

Remember that the easiest spraydeck to put on might not stay on the best or keep the most water out. Which factor is most important to you?

  • A neoprene spraydeck will stretch with use, becoming easier to put on your cockpit.
  • A spraydeck will become easier to put on when wet.
  • The use of Kevlar, latex, and other protective materials will reduce the amount of stretch in a deck making a good fit even more vital.
  • Unlike neoprene ones, the fabric of nylon spraydecks will not stretch. It is therefore very important, especially with larger cockpits to get a good fit from a nylon deck.

Our sizing chart indicates the size of spraydeck that we think will work best on your kayak, however, there is no definitive answer as to what will work best for you. We recommend trying on a range of spraydecks to find the best fit for your intended purpose.

Sizing Charts

Please note that these sizes are only guidelines, and we recommend trying any deck on your cockpit before purchase. Because Nylon spraydecks do not offer the same stretch as neoprene ones, touring boats with exceptionally large cockpits will usually need a larger size nylon deck than a neoprene one. A size 7 cockpit will often take a size 5 or 6 deck in neoprene.

UK Size USA Size   Max Cockpit Length (cm) Max Cockpit
Width (cm)
1 XXS   70cm 40cm
2 XS      
3 S Riot 85cm 50cm
4 M Keyhole 92cm 55cm
5 L Bigdeck 100cm 60cm
6 XL   105cm 60cm
7 XXL   110cm 62cm