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GT Club - Dagger

A great boat for beginners keen to progress to white water. Intermediate river running, skills development, coaching / instruction, group / centre use.

The Club version of the GT series offers the same performance characteristics as the river  and action version, but with a specification that makes it more suited to beginners and those who want an inexpensive entry into moving water.

Planing hull with double release edges • Smooth volume distribution • Continuous rail for controlled edging and carving • Excellent initial and secondary stability • SlideLock foot brace • Club Series outfitting • Fixed ergonomic seat • Adjustable thigh braces • Legend adjustable backrest • Mini-cell foam centre pillar buoyancy • EXL™ super-linear high density Polyethylene

Model GTS 7.5 GT 7.8 GTX 8.1 GT-Max 8.10
Length 2.31m 2.36m 2.49m 2.70m
Width 0.60m 0.61m 0.65m 0.68m
Weight 16kg 17kg 19kg 20kg
Volume 211L 232L 267L 300L
Weight Range 35-65kg 40-80kg 65-105kg 82-125kg
Spraydeck R4 R4 R4 R4/R5

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