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Beautiful Hand Made Birch Canoes

Beautiful Hand Made Birch Canoes Available for sale -

The canoes were traditionally made but instead of using birch bark , laminated birch veneers were used to create the hull material . This material was used to create the hull in exactly the same manner as if it had been birch bark . However in using this particular type of hull construction it has the added advantage of making for a much stronger and more durable hull than when using the bark.

The hull and all the other elements within the canoe follow along very traditional lines , both in materials used and construction methods . As with all Birch Bark canoes they were built from the outside in, no forms ,jigs or moulds were used  (as are used in a cedar strip canoe construction for example ) . All the canoes have Canadian white cedar ribs , thwarts and gunwales . For the headboards and the sheathing , Canadian red cedar has been used . The hand split lashings are primarily willow with some spruce root  and the little blue canoe has end top lashings of elk rawhide . All colours used we made with natural earth pigments and plant oil binders.

Boats available

3 x 16ft Hand Built Algonquin Style Birch Canoes

1 x 9ft Birch Canoe

1 x 18ft Birch Canoe with red ochre interior

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Beautiful Hand Made Birch Canoes
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