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Sidekick Glass Straight - Werner

If you want to play hard the Side Kick's full size down-tilting blades were designed specifically with the strong playboater in mind. The downward angle of the blades let each stroke enter the water sooner and respond with maximum power. With less area at the throat, the blades load and unload on command and you won't trip over the blade when making vertical and cross-deck moves, or when tucking in close to your boat. Although the Side Kick was designed for play boating, its powerful blades are well liked by creek boaters as well. Standard with translucent Pearl blades and black fiberglass shaft. Available with our Neutral bent shaft.

  • Large blades with a powerful catch
  • Down-tilt blade design is responsive and won’t trip on the side of your boat
  • Werner’s bomber strength won’t let you down
  • Best choice for strong, well conditioned play boaters

Blade Length & Width 48 x 20cm
Surface Area 725sq cm
Weight for Size 197cm
Straight Shaft 964g/34oz
Neutral Bent Shaft - Glass 1162g/41oz

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